Tailored Solutions

Access to our partners

Partnering with industry leaders across multiple sectors from Financial, Hardware supplier, Manufacture, Software Providers, Developers, Supply chain, etc. enable us a wide support structure. With more than forty percent (40%) of our employees in R&D, we work directly with customers and partners in every step of the product development and after sale support. Choose from a variety of models available, CM (Contract Manufacturing), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) or JDM (Join Development Manufacturing).

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

White label or Private label

Lower cost to new product introduction

Access to advance manufacturing process


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

For parts or components and not the finish product

Lower cost to product


CM (Contract Manufacturing)

Retain branding

Outsource Manufacturing

Lower cost to product


JDM (Join Development Manufacturing)

Retain or shared branding

Joined design

Access to Manufacturer engineering expertise

Outsource Manufacturing