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Baytec Support

Baytec Group has top supply chain resources, experienced sales and technical support team, which enable us to strictly control the quality of the products, work closely with the customers to understand what exactly the clients' needs are. Therefore, we can provide the best software, hardware, and overall solutions and services for Global communication operators.
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Support Network

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Globally Connected, Security Focused, Trusted Partnerships, Valued Customers

We are a company focused on delivering innovative solutions to our existing network of executives, customers, and suppliers. We partner with businesses and resell their software/hardware solutions and services. By working closely with our clients and understanding their requirements, we help take businesses into the future.

Targeting at ORAN

Baytec Group is committed to provide the innovation solutions based on Open RAN for the global telecom operators and enterprises. Adhering to the business philosophy of “integrity and innovation, advancing with the times” and the core values of scientific and technological innovation, we continuously create values for customers in the fierce equipment supplier market.

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What we value

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Baytec is proud to support our local communities and is a member of the Firsco Chamber. To further show our commitment, we are giving back to the following associations.
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Contributing to regional globalization by hiring multinationals

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Environmental protection and CO2 Emission reduction

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Rationalization of labor system in supply chain

Our Locations

Our partners are industry leaders across different sectors in Financial, Software, Chips, Manufacturing, Cell Site Accessories, and many more. We are always open to learn about new opportunities and partnering up with innovative companies.