Comprehensive Solutions

Baytec offers a variety of comprehensive solutions to fulfill all your needs. Our products and services have the united goal to boost connectivity and create a seamless telecommunications operational system.



FDD/TDD Antenna

The BLRAN-A8204 is an integrated design of antenna and RRU used in 5G base stations that can support frequency band of 3700~4000 MHz.*

*TDD/FDD, Multiband, Multiport custom antenna solutions available to fit your network needs.

4G/5G Small Cell

The Netoso BLAN-S8202-D001-l is an indoor dual mode small cell product that consists of both radio unit (RU) and distributed unit (DU) running in a single, compact and light enclosure based on 3GPP split 2 architecture. It is designed for LTE/NR indoor wireless coverage that supports LTE B3 and NR N77.
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4G/5G Femtocell

The Netoso BLRAN-F5102-S001-W is an indoor femto product that consists of both radio unit (RU) and distributed unit (DU) running in a single unit. It provides Indoor LTE/NR Coverage with Excellent User Experience and improved Wi-Fi Experience through Wi-Fi 6.

Outdoor RAN Solutions section:

Baytec offers several outdoor RAN solutions – antennas, small cells and on-site distributed units (DU). The FDD/TDD antennas boost signal strength and meanwhile the Symware NGDU (next-generation distributed unit) enables 4G and 5G radio signal processing and forwarding.


The ultimate solution for next-generation distributed units (NGDUs) and the industry’s very first RAN-as-a-Service offering! With support for both 4G and 5G, Symware is the perfect choice for Open RAN mass scale deployment.
Symware’s innovative multipurpose edge appliance combines cell site routing functionality with a containerized DU – all on a single, flexible general purpose server platform. This translates to massive cost savings for operators, who can now reduce their capital and operating expenditures while enjoying unparalleled cell site coverage. Don’t miss out on the future of RAN technology – upgrade to Symware today!

Pole Mount

3kW/ 4.5kW Rectifier

The DPD3000 and DPD4500 are rectifiers designed for 4G/5G on-site outdoor use which could be mounted to pole or wall. The all-weatherproof rectifiers could provide stable DC 48V with high efficiency, supporting local and remote switch for each load.

50Ah/ 80Ah Li-ion Battery

The DBD4850 and DBD4880 are the safest and greenest batteries designed for 4G/5G on-site outdoor use. These all-weatherproof batteries can support up to 8 units parallel connection and operation, which enables much longer time of on-site backup power.

Rack Mount

8kW/ 12kW/ 36kW Rectifier

The DPB48100, DPB48150 and DPB48600 are modular based rectifiers designed for 4G/5G cabinet mounted use. They are compact (1U, 2U, 6U) with high efficiency, reliability and power density. DC distribution can be customized and expanded. With the features of full digitalization and intellectualization, they can be remotely managed with ease.

100Ah Li-ion Battery

The DBB48100 is the safest and greenest battery designed for 4G/5G cabinet mounted use. This robust battery can support up to 16 units of parallel operation to provide massive energy storage. Peak shaving and Load Shifting features give customers an alternative to save TCO while cutting carbon emissions.



eMaaS is Energy Management as a Service that Baytec is providing as an additional service in support of Baytec hardware. It enables the customer to have real-time visibility into energy usage, identify faults and under-performing sites, and implement consumption-reducing behaviors that will help to improve energy management over the period.

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Cloud native portfolio of RAN intelligent automation and optimization use case applications that improve network performance, reduce OpEx, and improve the quality of experience on the network for the end user. eSON offers real-time and non-real-time support with field-proven technology.

Optical Modules

Optical modules are optoelectronic devices transmitting data through optical fiber for
fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul. We can provide optical modules for both the telecom network and datacenter for indoor/outdoor, bi-direction/uni-direction with different reach.